We have a talented and experienced team to train and mentor you through your chosen path within the exciting world of martial arts. All our instructors have black belt grading across multiple disciplines accumulated of years of teaching and learning.

  • Steve Graham

    Chief Instructor

    Master Steve Graham has been involved in the martial arts for over 28 years. Holding 4 black belts including Taekwondo 6th Dan, Kickboxing 6th Dan, Chuhn Khun Do 6th Dan, and Black sash in Kung Fu, he has devoted most of his life to martial arts. Throughout his martial arts career Master Graham has earned numerous titles including being an ex-double world champion in Chungdokwan Taekwondo and many other national and open championship titles. Now owning 6 schools under Graham’s Academy he continues to develop and share his knowledge to anyone interested in the martial arts..

  • Bryan Bourner


    Bryan Bourner, 3rd Dan Taekwondo (Chung Do Kwan), 1st Dan Kickboxing (WKC) is Senior Instructor at Graham's Academy. Bryan started his martial arts career at only 8 years old when he started training in Judo. After university he moved to Seoul, South Korea (2001) to teach English in a private language academy (hakwon) where he met Master Cho Seung Ok (Korea Taekwondo Association) and resumed his training. Bryam moved back to the UK in early 2004. Since his return to the UK Bryan has trained with various schools but found his home at Graham's Academy in 2010. As well as being the resident Korean speaker (and translator for Korean belt embroidery!) Bryan has since attained his 3rd Dan Taekwondo (2012), 1st Dan Kickboxing (2014) and began studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with VSBJJ (Vitor Shaolin BJJ) in Portsmouth. He remains a committed and enthusiastic instructor at the academy, and when not training can be found in the alps snowboarding with his wife and young daughter! .

  • Graham Snookes


    Sin Moo Hapkido 3rd Dan and Kickboxing 2nd Dan Graham has been a huge part of the club for 9 years and a highly valued instructor. Graham started his martial arts training at the age of 8 in the Midlands with Karu Kyoshi Kan Judo club. Later he moved to Tae Kwon Do under the ITA, traditional Jiu Jitsu and finally found Hapkido where he travelled to Ireland, USA and Australia training under the top practitioners in the world. He attained his 1st Dan (1998) and 2nd Dan (2000) directly from Dojunim Ji Han Jae and his 3rd Dan from GM Massan Ghorbani(10th Dan). Since then he has trained in Brazilian Ju Jitsu on and off both in Birmingham and Portsmouth and has returned to Judo for stints of training..

  • Steve Temperley-Chapman


    Steve Temperley-Chapman, 3rd dan has been a valued instructor at grahams academy for over 10 years. Steve has been training and competing for 3 years with Master Graham and this time has more than proved himself as a teacher at grahams Academy schools..

  • Paul Barker


    With 17 years’ experience in WTF Taekwondo ,Paul is our latest addition to the Academy. 1st Dan Taekwondo Black Belt since 2002 Paul runs our schools at Charters Academy in Portsmouth. Paul took over the running of the club as the senior instructor in 2005 and then joined Graham’s Academy in October 2015. As well as running 2 public schools in Charters Academy Paul also runs 2 other private classes at a local private school in Portsmouth..